Will your morality fit for this dark world ?
Building & Fighting card decks
Why should you be limited by a pre-built dungeon ?
Bend to your will the maze you're exploring to succeed in your quest , use your hero’s dungeon deck to build it ! Be warned, for each bonus you build in the dungeon, your enemy (or your friend in a multiplayer match) will put a monster or a trap. Who said it would be easy to win ? WTF ? A dynamic turn-based combat ? Tired of overused turn-based fight system? Get surprised with our unique & dynamic battles ! Be smart and think long-term fight, follow your strategy and you’ll maybe find a way out without too much pain. Remember that Death is always looking around …
A rogue-lite with a unique dark atmosphere
Get ready to reach new heights in suffering & insanity !
Shadows surround and attract you in a slowing descent to your fate… Make the wise choice between sins and virtues and guide your hero to the light ... or the darkness. Your morality choices will influence your perception of the dungeon and the way you’ll enjoy (or suffer) in it.
Turn based RPG
Your equipment defines what you are, there’s no pre-built classes.
Equip a sword to become a warrior or a spell book to play a mage. And of course, all other stuffs you are used to find in a RPG … Seriously, is it useful to describe that ?
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